Why we are calling on Emefiele to run for 2023 presidency – Danlami

A coalition of over 40 youth groups under the umbrella of the Unified Northern Nigeria Youth Forum (UNNYF), has been in the forefront in calls  for the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Dr. Godwin Emefiele to run for the 2023 Presidency.
The group has been campaigning in some northern states to mobilise youth to  impress on the CBN governor to run for the Presidency
The Convener of the  UNNYF, Mohammed Salihu Danlami tells AMAZING TIME why his group is agitating that  the CBN governor should run for the Presidency.
Excerpts :
Your group has been in the forefront for calls on the CBN governor, Dr. Godwin Emefiele, to run for the 2023 Presidential elections. Why do you want him to be president?
We want him to be President because of the numerous initiatives and revolution he brought in the agricultural sector
Here in Northern Nigeria, our backbone is Agriculture and since he took over the Apex bank our people have benefited tremendously on his agricultural policies. 
For example the anchor borrowers borrowers program has made financing of Agriculture easier. Most of our farmers have graduated from small scale farming to commercial farming. This has led to emergence of industries and cottage industries. 
You will agree with me that Nigeria recovered faster from the devasting Impact of Covid-19, this was possible through the numerous interventions the CBN rolled out. 
He equally stopped importation of rice, this has led to the emergence over 60 rice processing mills, thereby creating both direct and indirect jobs. 
Furthermore, for the interest of peace, we will continue to stand with those agitating for power shift to the South and most importantly, the Igbos. Fortunately, Dr Emefiele is an Igbo man even though from South South Nigeria. 
This is will help, pacify those that are calling for the dismemberment of our country.
Has he indicated interest to run?
No, that’s why we are mobilizing our people to show him how acceptable he is amongst us and other Nigerians. We are hopeful that our activities will spur him to defy all odds and contest because he has much acceptability everywhere.
People are clamouring for technocrats,  someone with vast experience on economy of the country and Dr. MEFFY is among few intellectuals with deep understanding on how to improve our economy.
We hope, he will consider our call and declare for the Presidency.
The APC seems to be embroiled in crisis, will you advise him to join another party to run for the Presidency?
These crises doesn’t speak well of the APC, but we are sure there is nothing that cannot be resolved once the leadership and stakeholders come together. Besides, every party is rocked with crisis at one point or another so Dr. Emefiele can contest under the APC and I am sure that will not be an issue
Nigerians have grown to an extent as far as democracy goes, they are the ones who know who they want and that is all that matter.
What is your take on the new electoral law? Do you think it will make the electoral process more transparent?
Mr. President has shown to Nigerians that his word is his bond. You will recall that he assured Nigerians of his resolved to strengthen the electoral process, that he has fulfilled. 
The electronic voting and accreditation that helped to sanitize our electoral system has now gotten the force of the law, multiple voting is no longer possible.
The deployment of thugs on election day will now become an old fashion,  politicians will have to field popular candidates as the vote of the people will count. 
The end product is that dividend of democracy will spread to all Nigerians.
However, we are strongly against the Section 84 that was smuggled into the Act. 
We believe that our lawmakers were guided by selfish interest, otherwise, they wouldn’t have infringed on the right of other Nigerians who are working or holding offices. 
If they feel you can’t work and contest election concurrently, why won’t they resign too? They want to have comparative advantage over others. 
As a movement, we have resolved to challenge the legality  of that section of the law in the court.  In the next few days, our lawyers will tidy up the process.
What do you think should be the agenda for the next President, considering the myriads of problems facing the country, ranging from insecurity, economic hardship, unemployment, etc?
There is a nexus between poverty on one side and insecurity and umployment on the other side. The next President must be a sound economist who is capable of ensuring prosperity across our country,  stamped out poverty promote peace and prosperity will flow like a river in our country 
That is  why we are advocating for Dr. Godwin Emefiele, a private sector player who is result oriented, a technocrat and and economists who is already building the economy of the nation to take over the leadership.
Some Nigerians are opposed to zoning or powershift. They said a young and competent person from any part of the country should be voted President without regional consideration?  What are your views on power rotation?
Only selfish and unpatriotic Nigerians are the ones that are opposed to Zoning.
The inclusion of Federal Character in our constitution tacitly support zoning. Otherwise, Northern Nigeria with most polling units and registered voters will continue to dominate the leadership of the country. 
Even those that are selfishly preaching against  zoning will end up sharing the positions of principal officers in National Assembly according to zones. Those who think they want to play ethnic, regional or whatever divisive card to navigate their way to Villa will be in for a shocker.
There must be a Nigeria before we can talk of Nigerian President, therefore, we shall mobilize our members to vote for Southern Candidate in 2023 in order to calm fray nerves of those that want our country to be dismembered. There are competent people in all states of the federation, but they cannot be President at the same time . 
Competence is not the exclusive right of one section of Nigeria. Those who want to waste their money from our region in the name of Presidential contest, should channel the money to help our displaced brothers in Northeast and Northwest, as their aspiration is dead on arrival.
Nigerians are groaning under biting fuel  scarcity which  has persisted for over two weeks now without the government addressing the problem. Some people are insinuating that it is a deliberate ploy to increase pump price of fuel.
Only mischief makers would ascribe  global problem to imaginary fun subsidy removal. Are they not aware that the War between Ukraine and Russia has serious effect on global energy distribution? Those same people trying to use the issue to score political point are the ones that handed over comatose  refinery to the present administration.
They should stop taking Nigerians for fools. Those hoarding and selling fuel at night to black marketers are Nigerians that we attend Churches and Mosques together. How comes, there is no fuel in our stations but black markets are booming?  It is wickedness of some Nigerians to most Nigerians that is playing out not some sort of subsidy removal tactics.
present administration. They should stop taking Nigerians for fools.
Those hoarding and selling fuel at night to black marketers are Nigerians that we attend Churches and Mosques together.
How comes, there is no fuel in our stations but black markets are booming?  It is wickedness of some Nigerians to most Nigerians that is playing out not some sort of subsidy removal tactics.


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