Two Kaduna Baptist students regain freedom, one still in captivity


Two of the remaining three abducted students of Bethel Baptist High School, Damishi, Kaduna, have been released after spending about six months in captivity.
Chairman of the Kaduna State Chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Joseph Hayab disclosed this on Sunday in Kaduna.
He added that one student is still being held captive by the bandits.
On July 5, 2021, bandits invaded the school and abducted 121 students.
The bandits have been releasing the students in batches and collecting ransom for each batch of students released.
The first batch of 28 students were released on July 25, 2021 after N100 million was reportedly paid, supposedly for the release of all the students.
However, the bandits, after collecting the money, decided to be releasing the students in batches.
Hayab said one student was released on Tuesday December 28, 2021 while one was released on Saturday January 1, 2022.
He said the student released on Saturday, had earlier escaped from the bandits, but was recaptured.
“Two of our remaining three abducted students of Bethel Baptist High School still being held by bandits have been released.
“One was release on Tuesday December 30, 2021 while the other one was released on Saturday January 1, 2022.
“Now we have only one child left with the bandits.
“The one that was released on Saturday initially escaped four days ago, but he was recaptured by the bandits and taken back.
“His parents were full of joy. They paid ransom for their release”, the CAN chairman said.
An undisclosed amount of money was said to have been paid as ransom before the release of the students.
Their parents were said to have celebrated the release of their children.
Hayab appealed to the bandits to release the remaining one student to be reunited with his family.


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