Tinubu: “I don’t read social media anymore, they abuse hell out of me”


Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, says the social media gives him high blood pressure.
He said,  he stopped reading anything on the social media because they abuse hell out of him and he gets angry.
In a video shared on twitter, Tinubu said, if he wants to hear anything, his children or workers brief him.
“I don’t read social media anymore. They abuse hell out of me! If I read it, I get high blood pressure, I get angry. I don’t read it, if I want to hear anything, my children or any of my workers will tell me this one say this. If I am tired, I will say please forget it”, Tinubu said in the 43 seconds video clip published by AiT on twitter.
The APC candidate is believed to be the most criticised on social media platforms.
The critisms stemmed from  his same faith presidential ticket, frequent gaffes at public events, his seeming frail carriage which has fuelled speculations about his health, the raging controversy over his alleged involvement in drug trafficking as well as the  controversies over his age and  educational background.


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