Tinubu alleges of plots to disrupt forthcoming elections, says he will win even if petrol, naira, are hidden


Presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has alleged that there were plots by saboteurs to disrupt the forthcoming elections.
Tinubu made the allegation on Wednesday at the APC presidential rally which held at the MKO Abiola stadium, Abeokuta, Ogun state. He declared that petrol scarcity and naira redesign will not affect his chances of emerging victorious in the presidential election.
Addressing party faithfuls at the rally, Tinubu said, “Hide the petrol, hide the naira, we will still vote! We will win.
“Even if you change the ink on naira notes, what you want will not happen. We will win.
“That umbrella party will lose. We will take this government from them — saboteurs that are dragging power with us.
“This is the revolution. This election is a revolution. They said fuel will be expensive — will be N200, N500.
“Put your mind at rest, we will bring it down. They don’t want the election to hold. They want to disrupt it. Will you allow that? Will you vote?
“Whether there is fuel or not, I am bringing the revolution. They think they can cause problems. They sabotaged fuel but with or without, if we get motorcycle, tricycles or not, we will still go out to vote and win!”
According to him, the elections would be a revolution, stressing that his administration would put an end to the petrol crisis if he is elected.
“I guarantee you one thing. There will be student loans. Nobody will drop out of university because of school fees.
“Nobody will have to repeat one class for eight years and not graduate. We are too smart; we are brilliant, and courageous. We will make a four-year course four years”, he said.
He assured further that a “A Tinubu administration will create over one million jobs in ICT in the next 24 months.
“The fine and skilled graduates of the Ogun tech hub will be able to find work as they continue to contribute towards our overall economic well-being.
“My industrial policy will carry you to the finish line. My plan is to deploy all available measures, from tax credits and youth employment incentives to tariffs to affordable loans and investment, so that your industrial base is strengthened, broadened, and widened.
“This will produce more wealth and valuable goods, improve the living standards of all Nigerians…”


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