Terrorists flog abducted train passengers, threaten to abduct Buhari, El-Rufai


A video clip showing the flogging of the remaining 43 abducted passengers of the March 28, train attack has trended on the social media.
In the video sighted by our reporter on Sunday, the terrorists, including one who claimed to be among those who escaped during the Kuje prison attack, threatened to abduct President Muhammadu Buhari, Governor Nasir El-Rufai and members of the National Assembly.
The five minutes, 30 seconds video, recorded in Hausa language, showed two of the young terrorists beating their victims mercilessly with sticks, amid crying and wailing.
After about a minute of the beating, one of the terrorists ordered the boys to stop.
“Ali, Ali, it is ok”, a senior member of the terrorists said.
Four of the victims who spoke in the video lamented that the Nigerian government has failed in meeting the demands of the terrorists and called on the international community to intervene.
One of the victims said they had spent 120 days in captivity without the government showing concern about their plight.
He said their relations had indicated interest in securing their release, but the government prevented them.
“Our relations wanted to rescue us, but the government prevented them. For this reason, we are calling on nations across the world, like America, England, France, the International community, Saudi- Arabia to intervene in this matter.
“These people (terrorists) didn’t even have the intention of keeping us for seven days if their demand were met. But the Nigerian government did not show concern over this issue.
“That is the reason why we are calling on big nations of the world like America, England, France, the International community, the United Nation, African Union, to intervene so that we will be freed and be reunited with our families.
Three other victims who identified themselves as Mukhtar Shuaibu, Mukhtar Bala Mohammed and Sani Abdullahi, also spoke in the same vein.
Three of the terrorists who also spoke in the video declared that they will abducted President Buhari and El-Rufai and humiliate them like the victims.
“I swear it is now that this country- Nigeria is in trouble. Like Yende said earlier, insha Allahu, these people will not be the only one that will be held in this place, you Buhari and that one by name El-Rufai and your senators and the Vice President, all the lawmakers and councillors, you will come here and be humiliated like these people.
“Therefore be ready. If it is fighting God, you are not fit to fight against God. I hope you understand…” one of the terrorists said.
One of the terrorists who claimed to have escaped in the Kuje prison attack said God rescued him.
He said: “They wanted to exchange me with these trashes. God has freed me.
“With this gun I am holding, we will bring down this country. If you want to follow religion come and join. This religion must spread to everywhere.
“We will catch you (President Buhari) and El-Rufai and bring you here and slaughter.
“The whole of Kaduna will not be spared. Know that I am in this bush now, look at me very well.
You told the entire world that I should be arrested anyway they see me. Look at me very well, anywhere I see you, I will also catch all of you”.
Another of the terrorists said, “This is a message to the Nigerian government concerning its citizens.
“It is not our intention to do this. They set up one committee for drinking tea in Kaduna with a view to discuss and secure the release of these people, but they are busy drinking their tea.
“The should know that we know that the committee is not doing anything to secure the release of these people.
“We know that they are planning to secure their release by force. You are bragging of guns. We have been seeing your planes and guns which are not even up to…
“We are doing this for God, we are not afraid of anybody. We promised God that we are ready to sacrifice our blood to do everything.
This is just nothing to what we intend to do if our demands are not met…”
Spokesman of the Kaduna state police command, Mohammed Jalige and the Coordinator of families of the abducted train passengers, Dr. Abdulfatai Jimoh, did not respond to telephone calls when contacted.


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