Tangale community in diaspora: 2023, an opportunity to return Gombe to glorious days


The Tangale Community Overseas (TCO), an umbrella body for sons and daughters of Tangale ethnic nationality in Gombe state, resident overseas, have said that the 2023 elections provides ample opportunity to return the state to its glorious days.
In a statement, the group called on the people of state to elect credible people who will impact positively on their lives.
The statement signed by Lamela Lakorok, General Secretary of TCO, urged the people to scrutinise any politician seeking election to before endorsement.
He stressed that, the character, competence and capacity of the individual politician is what matters, not the party he belongs.
The statement urged the people of the state to ensure that they obtain the Permanent Voters Card (PVC), to be able to vote.
Lakorok however, frowned at the politics of thuggery being promoted by some politicians in the state, especially in Gombe south senatorial zone, describing it as primitive and undemocratic.
The statement reads in part:
“As we navigate our way into the political future, we appeal to Gombe state citizens to think with their minds, not their hearts, not their stomachs. “Watch out for those wolves in sheep clothing, whose god is their stomach.
“They have no interest in your well-being. They will collect money to fill their pockets while the community suffers poverty, lack of amenities, and poor education.
“We have an opportunity to return our state to its glory days. Our state has much more to offer beyond the successes of our past leaders.
“We must look to the future and find ways to help our young people excel in life to the fullest. First, this will require that our people register to vote. It is a shame that the current system allows a few individuals to select candidates for the offices.
“It is not an accurate representation of a democratic system. However, we still have an opportunity to make our voices heard.
“We must elect individuals, not political parties. We must be willing to drive the narrative of our destiny.
“Therefore, we challenge our people to each acquire their PVC. While we do not endorse individuals, we see and are interested in a politician’s specific work for the constituency.
“The elected officials are servants of the voters; therefore, we must each ask ourselves, what is this person doing or going to do for society?
“We trust you to have the proper judgment to assess each politician when they seek your endorsement by your vote.
“Once again, remember that you have the power of the voting booth.
“Second, it has come to our attention that some local politicians in Gombe south are already promoting the politics of thuggery.
“We cannot allow this to continue. We must show the world that we are civilized and cannot allow any individual to buy our youths and send them to their early graves through violence.
“Politics is a game of wits and persuasion. So please, respect your life and the lives of your neighbors.
“We have all seen how bad leaders employ thugs to carry out their mischiefs. We have to prove better than those who promote the ethos of death and wanton destruction. “Therefore, we appeal to our youths to use critical thinking to compel their brothers to eschew any violence in the name of any politician. No politician is worth your life.
“Third, you must be wary of politicians who use religion as a political tool.
“Regrettably, we have failed to utilize qualified, promising, and visionary leaders because of religious bias.
“Yet, we all know that a leader’s religious affiliation does not translate into leadership quality. For example, more Muslims brothers have died in Nigeria in the last ten years than in the previous 50 years (www.aciafrica.org).
“Suppose religion was the yardstick of leadership in Nigeria; how does one explain these tragic deaths of Muslims under the presidency of a Muslim?
“Ironically, if Nigeria had good leadership that ensured the free exercise of religion and commerce, over 30,000 Muslims would be alive today.
“It appears that the religious beliefs of the national and local leaders did not hinder the wanton killings of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria.
“Yet, those who are blind fail to see that it is better to have an excellent servant-leader to guarantee the conditions for their religion’s growth than a member of the faith who hinders it.
“We must learn to look at other nations and see that leadership is about establishing a framework for peaceful commerce and the movement of citizens within the country.
“We assure you that Nigeria cannot achieve that through religious bigotry. Therefore, at the national level, we must think of which candidates will provide the conditions necessary for our values and for us to flourish as a people.
“For democracy to grow and bring about changes in our society, individual citizens are responsible for voting their conscience. You must be ready to accept the consequences of your choices.
“We pray for a peaceful election of leaders. We pray that you will each play your part in electing the right leaders, beginning with getting your PVC.
“It is a golden ticket that guarantees your voice is heard. In a democracy, your vote is everything: the larger the number, the more difficult for corrupt leaders to suppress.”


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