Ortom demands apology from Abubakar over allegations of profiling fulanis


Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom, has demanded for an apology from the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar, over his comments against him and the people of the state.
Addressing youths from Jemgbagh axis which comprises Gboko, Buruku and Tarka Local Government Areas of the state on Wednesday Ortom said Atiku should not to think that Fulanis alone could make him the president.
The youths were protesting in solidarity with Ortom over Abubakar’s comments during the interactive forum organised by the Joint Arewa Committee in Kaduna.
The former Vice President had accused Ortom of profiling Fulanis.
Atiku was also said to stated in his condolence message over killings in Benue that, “When our people are well integrated into communities where they live, work, pay taxes and raise their children, they’d be obligated to reciprocate the love and acceptance”
However, Ortom on Wednesday denied that he profiled Fulani herdsmen and claims by Abubakar (Ortom’s) people stole cows from the governor’s farm.
The governor said, “I vehemently condemn the statement against me by Atiku. When it got to me, I chatted him through a WhatsApp message, he apologized but declined to make a public apology.
“You cannot undress an elder like me in public and come back to dress me in the room. Let it be on record that at no point did I tell him that Benue people were stealing my cows. He lied against me and I take exception to this and demand an apology. It is unbecoming of a presidential candidate to tell lies.
“I never profiled Fulanis and did not say all of them are bad. They are my friends, they can even go into my bedroom. I have never sent any Fulani man away.
“But am against the Fulani terrorist coming from Niger, Chad, Senegal, Mali. He must do a retraction. If he does not, on the day of the election we will vote according to the election.
“We cannot vote for a president who will continue the carnage against our people. He wants to use me as a scapegoat. Atiku is unfair to the people. You think Fulani will make you President, you lie. You have committed sacrilege against the Benue people.
“I want to assure all ethnic groups and even foreigners of their safety in the land. I want to assure Benue people that under my watch such people will be apprehended.
“Our baby is PDP you do not throw away the baby and the bath water. Benue State is PDP and PDP is Benue and I remain obedient servant.”


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