Nigeria cannot be one without justice, fairness


The President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle, says there cannot be one Nigeria without justice, fair play and mutual respect among the various ethnic groups in the country.
Speaking at a lecture organised to mark the 58th birthday of Taiwo Adelakun, the Presiding Bishop of Victory International Church Worldwide, on Wednesday in Ibadan, Oyo state, Ayokunle attributed the problems confronting the country to injustice.
According to him, without justice and fairness, there would be no peace and unity.
The CAN President said, “If there is going to be one Nigeria with prosperity and peace, there must be justice.
“I have said it everywhere, including to the President at Aso Rock, that if we are going to do pilgrimage together in a plural society like Nigeria, there must be justice, there must be mutual respect for one another irrespective of religion or ethnic background, and there must be fair play.
“If you are always giving an explanation for leaving me out, the song that you will hear from me next will be ‘To your tenth oh Israel!’ I cannot continue to have hope where hope will never materialise. It is hope in Christ that will never disappoint.”
According to him, the increasing agitation for self-determination among some ethnic groups because those in leadership positions have failed to address certain fundamental issues bedeviling the country.
“Why are people listening to those agitating for secession? “It is because the present system of governance has given room for that. The way to eliminate it is to address those issues that are giving rise to such.
“Why is Sunday Igboho popular among the people? Is he prepared to lead a sophisticated region like the South-West?
“He is popular because of how bad things are and no one is addressing it. When you are frustrated, you can be as aggressive as you never thought you could be,” he added.
He said Nigeria would be doomed without restructuring, stressing that things must change for the country’s make progress.


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