Mutfwang lament challenges facing Nigeria, says 2023 should be a turning point 


Mutfwang laments challenges facing Nigeria, says 2023 should be a turning point
The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Plateau state, Caleb Mutfwang, has lamented the challenges facing Nigeria since independence, saying the 2023 general elections should be a turning point for the better.
He said the quality of leaders that will emerge in the elections will determined the future of the country.
In a message marking the 62nd Independence Anniversary of Nigeria, Mutfwang noted that the promised of a united nation had become illusive over the years, while religious intolerance and endermic corruption had taken the centre stage.
In the message shared on his twitter handle, Mutfwang said,.”Today, the promise of a united nation and people is a distant illusion. Strife, tribal and religious intolerance, corruption, greed, kidnapping and terrorism taint our image global outlook.
“The economy is in shambles with the Naira at its worst lowest ever.
Unemployment and underemployment of the youths in addition to instability in the educational sector, combine to create a future generation that is ill-prepared, unemployable, and likely to rise against a system that only paid lip service to the needs of the youth”.
He however expressed optimism that, hope is not lost as the 2023 elections provide an opportunity to redeem the situation by electing credible, competent and patriotic leaders who will address the challenges bedeviling the country.
Mutfwang said, “At 62, all hope is not lost. There is still a chance, beginning with the 2023 General Elections, for us to redeem ourselves, turn our situation around, and set Nigeria on the path of progress.
“Instructively, the quality of leaders we choose determine our standard of living; modernity; and vision of the future.
“Therefore, we must get it right this time, so we can begin the necessary work of the recovery, building, and uniting the people.
“As we mark this year’s Independence Day, I call on our young people to be creative in their organisation for involvement in the affairs of our country.
“I have a burden for the Nigerian youth, and I am interested in their contention with the many obstacles fixed against them.
“If we must move forward as a nation, we must not leave our youths behind, we must improve their condition and make that progress together with them. That is the kind of country I am looking forward to from today”.


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