Kaduna NNPP chairman dumps party over alleged “undemocratic mentality” of governorship candidate


The chairman of the New Nigeria Peoples Party in Kaduna state, Ben Kure, has resigned from the party over alleged overbearing interference by the party’s governorship candidate, Senator Suleiman Hunkuyi.
Addressing a press conference on Thursday in Kaduna, Kure alleged that since the nomination of Hunkuyi as the party’s flag bearer in Kaduna state, the party had remained divided, stalling efforts for mass mobilisation to woo new members.
He alleged that Hunkuyi’s “undemocratic mentality and disregard for respected elders and prominent members of the party”, has created division in forcing them to leave or adopt nonchalant attitude.
Kure said, since the emergence of Hunkuyi as the party’s flag bearer the party had remain divided in Kaduna state.
“It may interest you to note that since the nomination of Hunkuyi, the party has remained divided, stalling efforts to engineer any massive mobilisation to woo new members and retain the initial goodwill of the people.
“This is so largely due to the overbearing nature of which Hunkuyi has been trying to hijack the functions of the office of the state chairman”, Kure said.
He said, “It is unfortunate that few months to the general elections, the party has remained virtually invisible at a time of heightened campaign and mobilisation of voters.”
According to him, the unfortunate situation is “caused by the manipulative tendencies of Hunkuyi and his gang, who have shown utter disregard to party’s rules and regulations.
“Since my election as the State Chairman of NNPP, I came in full of passion and enthusiasm to do what is necessary for the success of the party.
When I came in, people were trooping in their numbers, showing acceptance of our leadership and the party, seeing it as an alternative platform to bring about the desired change in the affairs of Kaduna state.”
Kure alleged that , quite a number of responsible citizens who showed interest in the NNPP, because of the personality of Kwankwaso, pulled out of the party when Hunkuyi was nominated as governorship candidate.
“Let it be known that selling Kwankwaso is easy but selling Hunkuyi in Kaduna state is a very difficult task.
“It is unfortunate that there’s no semblance of presence of the NNPP candidate anywhere, in spite of the fact that Kaduna State is very important for the party to take.
“Instead, everyday our people are moving to other parties few months to the elections.
“Amidst all these losses, the man is also bent on doubling as the State Chairman and gubernatorial candidate of the party, just to run the party like he wants, interfering in party administration.
“For me to perform my duties democratically as party leader, I have been having resistance from his gang who camouflage as party leaders…
“The party has thus, lost the tremendous goodwill it had in the state.
“I wish to inform you that I had forwarded my letter of resignation to the National Secretariat on December 5, 2022 but was persuaded to stay in order to settle all issues amicably.
“We were invited and held a meeting, and last week the national secretariat ordered us to meet and plan for the state rally and solidarity walk under my leadership, but Hunkuyi and his gang refused to comply with the National secretariat directive.
“My experience with NNPP in Kaduna is regrettable. I do not ever hope to have anything to do with majority of the state Exco members.
“I therefore wish to inform you and all my supporters and associates that I have resigned as the Kaduna State chairman of NNPP and I am no longer a member of the party.
“I will take a rest, reflect on my political future and inform the public appropriately.”


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