Kaduna governor-elect, promises workers’ friendly administration


Uba Sani, Kaduna state governor-elect, has promised to run workers friendly administration in the state.
In a solidarity message marking Workers Day on Monday in Kaduna, Sani felicitated with Nigerian workers, noting their immeasurable contributions to nation building.
“Your sacrifices are well documented and deeply cherished by Nigerians.
“You have stoutly defended our democracy and the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Nigerian people.
“You stand for national unity at all times. Nigerian workers and indeed the Labour Movements are the key pillars of Nigeria’s progress and unity,” Sani said.
He said Nigeria as a nation has been going through challenges, stressing that, “it is heart-warming to note that workers have not wavered in their belief in the country and commitment to national progress and development.”
The governor elect paid “special tribute to the resilient, resourceful and hardworking workers of Kaduna state for their diligent and commitment to the progress and development of our dear state.”
He promised to “run workers friendly administration by prioritizing workers’ welfare and provide them with the tools and incentives that will help fire up their zeal to perform optimally.”
Sani assured that hardwork will be adequately rewarded and called for the cooperation and commitment of workers in the state.


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