Updated: What El-Rufai told Tinubu


Nasir El-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state, has explained how he turned down request by Bola Tinubu to work with him.
In a video which was apparently recorded before the party primaries, El-Rufai said he declined Tinubu’s request in clear time, telling he El-Rufai) has done his bid working and that as a 62 years old, going to 63, he no longer has the strength.
El-Rufai who was reacting to speculations that he was seeking for appointment, said he never sought for any appointment describing the speculations as the handiwork of mischievous people.
He said he told Tinubu that there are young people in his administration who are still strong and educated that could be appointed. El-Rufai said: Before the party primaries, I told him (Tinubu) in clear terms because he told me that I should help him.
“I said sure, we will all help you, I don’t want anything (appointment), because I am tired. I told him that the one I have done (being governor) is enough.
“He said it is not enough and added that we will discuss. I told him that means we will continue talking endlessly, but I don’t want anything.
“I told him that whatever he wants, there are people who worked with me who are still strong and educated and we will recommend them.
“I told him that we have many young people, we have those who served as commissioners, any assignment you give them, they will perform like me.
“Why will an old man like me take the job of young people?
“I am 62 years old, going to 63.
The Prophet was 63 when he left the world. If you reach that age, you should thank God and allow others to do it, you are no longer strong, that is how I see it.
“But some people didn’t agree. Even Asiwaju didn’t agree and we had serious disagreements.
”Even when we met the day before yesterday, we had serious disagreement on the issue, but we will continue to discuss.
“But sincerely, I am not looking for anything. Anybody who said I am looking for something is being mischievous… I have never sought for any position. “
The earlier video shared on social media was edited out of context, until the full video was posted on Twitter.


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