Don’t allow current security challenges dampen your spirit, CAN admonish christians


Chairman of the Kaduna state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Joseph Hayab has admonished Christians not to allow the current security and economic challenges in the country dampen their spirit.
In a statement on Saturday, Hayab said Christians should not allow the current situation in the country to overwhelm them so as to avoid falling into more problems such as fear, depression, high blood pressure and an unstable mind with the inability to coordinate.
He said the strategy of the enemy is to weaken people and get rid of them, stressing that Christians should resist such negativity and develop a strong spirit of hope and courage to overcome the challenges.
The statement said, “The leadership of CAN in Kaduna state is appealing to all pastors, Christian faithful, and the entire people of Kaduna state to seek deliberate ways and things to do that will give their, homes, followers, and the people in the state something to be happy about.
“When you visit many people in Kaduna state today at home, meet them on a bus or even during wedding and burials ceremonies, what you will hear from the majority of them is the fear of insecurity, lack of jobs, complaints about lack of money, etc.”
Hayab said, “When people allow these types of feelings to overwhelm them then they may fall into many more problems such as fear, depression, high blood pressure, unstable mind with the inability to coordinate.”
According to him, “When a larger part of any society is taken over by anxiety and confusion then you will not see good planning and effective productivity from them…
“All people should therefore resist that negativity and develop a strong spirit of hope and courage to overcome our present challenges.”
The CAN chairman however assured that the challenges will very soon be history, saying that, “God will not fold his arms and allow his people to suffer forever, He will surely bring deliverance.”
“CAN is therefore admonishing all believers and all other people that want to see progress in their families and the state from all faith and tribal dispositions not allow any negative attitude or feelings because of the pains we are having now to overwhelm them.
“CAN Kaduna state acknowledge that it is not easy to wake up every day hearing heartbroken stories and witnessing the evil of kidnapping of loved ones, paying huge ransom, confronting joblessness and poverty without a source to play your role as a parent or breadwinner in the house?
“Many we understand have not been able to pay house rents, school fees, and medical bills.
“The load is truly becoming too heavy for some to carry but amidst all these, we are appealing to faithfuls to think positively and find simple things that will make them happy.
“When we allow depression and the sight of these many unfortunate happenings to take away our joy and happiness which can lead to heart attacks, we will only increase more orphans, widows, and widowers in society”, the statement said.
He called on the people to continue to pray for leaders despite their failures and for the peace and progress of Kaduna state and the nation.


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