Diri: Holy Ghost fire, tormenting politicians preparing bullion vans to buy votes


Bayelsa state governor, Douye Diri has said that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) cash policy is “Holy Ghost fire”, tormenting those preparing bullion vans to buy votes in the forthcoming elections.
Speaking on Monday at the flag off of Hon. Sunday Katung’s senatorial campaign in Zonkwa, headquarters of Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna state, the governor said although ordinary Nigerians are suffering as a result of the policy, it will change the attitudes of Nigerian leaders.
“We have to reset this country, the way the country is going is not about religion and ethnicity, it is about few people who have taken the wealth of this country to themselves”, the governor said.
He said, “While we are not in support of the common man suffering as a result of the sudden CBN policy, but that policy will change not only our currency but our attitude towards everything as leaders.
“While we plead with the CBN to ensure that our people do not suffer, the other side, those of them who have bullion vans, who are prepared to make bullion vans and buy over the presidency, we say the Holy Ghost fire will go onto them.
“The CBN policy is Holy Ghost fire on them. That is why they are shouting. Why are they shouting as if it affect them more than us?
“All the CBN is saying is that nobody who does not earned money should have money in bullion vans to go and buy over our voters.
“That’s all the CBN has said and we support that policy. “However, make the money available to those who have earned this money through their farms, tradings and their professional business. That’s all we are saying. That’s our concern.”
He said further that, “For us in PDP, we believe that Nigeria is going down and it must be rescued and recovered.
“The only way Nigeria can be rescued and recovered is through a detribalised man, a man who has seen it also as the vice president of this country and those competing with him don’t have that experience.
“That is why we are all supporting Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.
“This country must come together first before it could be rescued. If we allow the same people to come, then as the Bible says, to your tent oh Israel.
“Stand behind Atiku as President, stand behind Isa Ashiru as governor of Kaduna, stand behind Sunday Katung as senator.


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