Danjuma: Government has failed in dealing with “useless criminals” bringing Nigeria to ruin


Former Minister of Defence, Gen. Theophilus Danjuma (rtd) has said that the government has failed in dealing with “useless criminals” bringing the country ruin.
Danjuma spoke on Saturday at the presentation of Staff Office to Manu Ishaku Ali, the 25th Aku-Uka of Wukari, Taraba state.
He said the Nigerian armed forces are either unwilling to defend the country or Nigeria is under siege.
According to him, the mission of the bandits terrorising Nigeria is to recolonised the country.
Danjuma had, at the convocation of the Taraba state university in 2018, accused the army and other security agencies of bias and for colluding with killers to attack Nigerians.
The Nigerian army, had while reacting to his allegations, said his statements were capable of undermining the reputation of the armed forces and stirring up crisis
The army had set up a panel to probe his statement.
However making references to the 2018 incident in his speech, the former Defence Minister, said happenings in the country have vindicated him.
He said: “When some few years ago I warned that the armed forces are either not capable or unwilling to protect us and that we must defend ourselves, the first denial about what I said came from the ministry of defence.
“They said I was lying and they set up a kangaroo board of inquiry to investigate the truth or otherwise of what I said.
“They invited me to come and testify but I did not go. They wrote their report which state that I was only speculating and that there was no evidence. But now there is evidence.
“The whole country now is being overrun and one very clear thing that is happening now is that these foreign invaders are destroying everything and our government allowed them to come into the country.
“As a soldier, my training teaches me that the best defence is attacks.
“Right now we are all sitting ducks and these people are armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction.
“They are trying to recolonise us and take over our land. This country with the largest population of black men is being brought to ruin by absolutely useless criminals.
“My prayer is that God Almighty that has given us this land would give us the courage to face up to our enemies, locate where they are and root them out; driving them out of the country otherwise Nigeria is finished.”


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