Bwacha group accuse Ishaku for allegedly fanning embers of religious strife in Taraba


The Bwacha Political Organisation, a group supporting the governorship ambition of Senator Emmanuel Bwacha in Taraba state, has accused the state governor, Mr. Darius Ishaku of fanning the embers of religious strife.
Bwacha who represents Taraba South Senatorial District, recently decamped from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). Addressing a press conference in Abuja, the leader of the organisation, Rikwense Muri, warned of a looming religious crisis in Taraba State.
According to Muri, Christians and Muslims in the state are at daggers drawn, stressing that if the situation is not well managed, it could lead to a full-blown crisis.
The group accused the governor for not sustaining the structures that promoted peacefully coexistence between the two religious groups.
Muri alleged that rather than managing the diversity in the state, the governor is busy playing the politics of divide and rule.
Muri advised the governor to concentrate on the measures that unite the two religions in the state.
“Currently, a volatile situation is afoot with both Christians and Muslims bodies at each other’s throats.
“Christians and Muslims have always found ways to live together in the past because of the interfaith efforts of past governors.
“Darius is not sustaining this but rather fanning the embers of religious strife.
“He is not able to manage the diversity of our state, a diversity that has been the basis of our unity for a long time.
“Rather, he is busy poorly playing divide and rule politics. “If he is not called to order, he would plunge the state into a religious crisis.”


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