ASUU strike aimed at destroying public universities, says NANS president   


ASUU strike aimed at destroying public universities, says NANS president
The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), have condemned the indefinite strike ny the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), descibing the action as unpatriotic, wicked and meant to collapse the public universities and promote private ones.
In a statement, NANS President, Sunday Asefon called on the federal government to apply its power to “hire and fire” any employee while dealing with the university lecturers.
The student union leader accused ASUU of advertently promoting the private universities, where many of them currently work and have their wards.
He said the decision by ASUU to declare indefinite strike after six months of warning industrial action is not only “unpatriotic and unnecessary, but wicked and definitely meant to collapse the public universities and promote private ones.”
ASUU had last week, declared indefinite strike after six months of warning strike followed the failure of the FG to meet its demands..
Asefon, said such decision was easy for ASUU to take because many of their leaders don’t have their children in public universities and that many lecturers are employees of various private universities across the country.
He lamented the alleged destructive disposition of ASUU members to the growth of public universities, maintaining that they were mot worried about the imminent collapse of the system by their conduct.
He said, “Some of them are not in anyway affected by their attempt to collapse the sector for their selfish and inconsiderate gains.
“ASUU had succeeded initially to masquerade their strike as being in the interest of  Nigeria and in the interest of the Nigerian students.
“Events of recent weeks have therefore made it abundantly clear that ASUU has an ulterior motive, which is to collapse university education system in Nigeria and systematically promote private universities where many of them have their children.
“The government must maintain its position as an employer and use its power to hire and fire effectively at this time to save our education system from the total collapse planned by ASUU.”
Asefon, called on the federal government to investigate the leadership of ASUU with the aim of unraveling their motivation for their insistence on collapsing the public university system in Nigeria.
“We call on state government to forthwith liaise with vice-chancellors of state institutions to announce the resumption of academic activities and grant the vice-chancellors the authority to enforce the resumption as state universities should never have joined the strike in the first place.
“We, therefore, plead with ASUU leadership in state institutions that had been so ridiculed and labeled quacks by the national president of ASUU to toe the path of honour and save their institutions from the verge of total collapse by calling off the strike,” he said.



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