ACF: Rescue of 137 abducted Kaduna school children, signals new down in fight against terrorism


The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has said that the rescue of the 137 abducted school children signals a new dawn in anti-terrorism measures being adopted by the government.
In a statement on Monday in Kaduna, the forum expressed joy over the safe return of the children.
The statement signed by spokesperson of the forum, Prof. Tanimu Muhammad-Baba said, the rescue of the innocent children is highly commendable.
The statement noted that the operation was made possible by collaboration between various security stakeholders and locals.
“This is as should be, as many have indeed been stridently calling for such an approach to stamping out for good, the menace of terrorism and banditry that as existential threats to communities in Nigeria…
“ACF also rejoices with the student, their parents and guardians.
“Going forward, ACF calls for strengthening this new anti-terrorism multi-stakeholder, multi-pronged strategy, involving all those with direct and indirect responsibilities for securing peoples and communities and, ultimately, Nigeria”, the statement said.
The forum called for intensified efforts towards the release of other captives, everywhere.
Muhammad-Baba said, “For Kuriga, this is vital, because the number of victims released is at variance with earlier figures of abductees as indeed reflected in various news reports.
“The adoption of simple but effective community-based measures, including simple or user-friendly gadgets, incorporating solid intelligence gathering and processing, for early warning, early response strategy to secure all vulnerable communities and facilities;
“Psychological counselling for the released victims so that mental effect of the trauma is minimised and they return to normalcy soonest;
“ACF reiterates its earlier call on the parents and students to remain defiant and not to be discouraged.
“The terror merchants must not be allowed any semblance of victory, pyrrhic as it will be; and
“The immediate rehabilitation of schools to make the learning environment conducive.“


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